Tuesday, July 16

The world’s heaviest woman loses over 200 pounds with diet changes



A woman weighing almost 1,100 pounds, believed to be the world’s largest, was able to lose 210 pounds due to diet changes.

Doctors at the Saifee Hospital in Mumbai, India, were surprised by the amount that their patient was able to lose since she arrived in January.

Ahmed was dieting in preparation for gastric surgery which took place on Tuesday.

According to Times of India, Ahmed lost twice as much as her doctors were expecting ahead of surgery.

The life saving procedure of Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy reduced her weight to 900 pounds, and doctor’s expect her to lose another 200 within six months.

The gastrectemy reduced her stomach size by 15 per cent.

Ahmed was born weighing 11 pounds, and was soon diagnosed with elephantiasis, making her bed ridden for much of her life.

Her surgeons also believe she may suffer from lymphoedema – a condition that causes fluid retention and tissue swelling in the arms and legs.

In a statement from the hospital,

We are trying to get her fit enough to fly back to Egypt as soon as possible.

Ahmed an Egyptian national, was granted a visa to travel to India for surgery due to the intervention of India’s foreign minister.