Monday, November 29

Trick to help you save more than £660 in 2020



An ingenious moneysaving tip could help you set aside more than £600 over 2020 by putting a tiny amount aside each day.

The method, highlighted by the Daily Star , is surprisingly simple. And at the end of the year, you’ll have £667.95 set aside. It works like this on January 1, put 1p into a jar.

The following day, put 2p aside, and keep on going all the way until December 31. By adding a penny with each day that passes, the money will soon mount up.

On the 100th day of the year, you’ll be putting in £1, and by the 200th this will be up to £2. By the end of October, daily contributions will be just over £3.

On December 31, the final contribution will be £3.65. Of course if you’re worried about an expensive December, the Daily Star points out, you could flip it around starting with the biggest sum and working down to a penny.

That cash should leave you with more than enough for a big New Year’s party, or even a holiday.